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Platoon Cast Finden Sie Platoon in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. The day and night-time scenes are well lit for a murky jungle and the cast. Der naive Collegeabbrecher Chris meldet sich freiwillig zum Kriegsdienst in Vietnam. Er bereut seinen Entschluss allerdings bald, denn die Realität des Krieges hat mit seinen idealistischen Vorstellungen wenig gemein. Unter der Leitung. Charlie Sheen (* 3. September als Carlos Irwin Estévez in New York) ist ein im Gegensatz zu seinen anfänglichen durchaus ernsten Rollen, wie in Platoon Screen Actors Guild Awards: Bestes Schauspielensemble für Being.

Charlie Sheen

Er lieh, recht weit am Ende des Films, dem Marineoffizier namens Murphy am anderen Ende des Funkgerätes seine Stimme. Die Darsteller der restlichen. Finden Sie Platoon in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. The day and night-time scenes are well lit for a murky jungle and the cast. Platoon. Besetzung & Mitwirkende. Alle Funktionen, Regie, Drehbuch, Besetzung​, Kamera, Musik, Produktion, Schnitt. Sortieren nach: Wichtigkeit, Am.

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John C. McGinley's Tales from the Set of Oliver Stone's \

4/24/ · Cast Tom Berenger Sgt. Barnes Willem Dafoe Sgt. Elias Grodin Charlie Sheen Chris Taylor Forest Whitaker Big Harold Francesco Quinn Rhah Kevin Dillon Bunny Richard Edson Sal John C. McGinley Sgt. O'Neill Reggie Johnson Junior Keith David King Johnny Depp Lerner David Neidorf Tex Adam J. Glover Sanderson Li Mai Thao Rape Victim Li Thi Van Village. 1/8/ · A platoon is a military unit typically composed of two or more squads/sections/patrols. Platoon organization varies depending on the country and the branch, but are generally around 50 strong, although specific platoons may range from 9 to men. A platoon is typically the smallest military unit led by a commissioned officer. Platoon Cast and Crew "The first casualty of war is innocence." TMDb Score. R 2 hr Dec 19th, War.
Platoon Cast Platoon () Johnny Depp as Lerner. [During the interrogation of a village chief after the platoon finds hidden weapons]. One day, another new arrival, platoon commander Lieutenant Wolfe (Mark Moses) discusses the plans for a patrol later that night with the platoon's sergeants: the compassionate Sergeant Elias Grodin (Willem Dafoe), harsh but suicidal Staff Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger), cowardly lifer Sergeant Red O'Neil (John C. McGinley), and heroin addict Sergeant Warren (Tony Todd). Barnes and Elias argue over whether to send the new men out on a patrol that is likely to be ambushed. Platoon, American war film, released in , that was written and directed by Oliver Stone and was regarded by many critics as one of the best of the movies about the Vietnam War. Platoon won the Academy Award for best picture and the Golden Globe Award for best drama. Cast Tom Berenger Sgt. Barnes Willem Dafoe Sgt. Elias Grodin Charlie Sheen Chris Taylor Forest Whitaker Big Harold Francesco Quinn Rhah Kevin Dillon Bunny Richard Edson Sal John C. McGinley Sgt. O'Neill Reggie Johnson Junior Keith David King Johnny Depp Lerner David Neidorf Tex Adam J. Glover Sanderson Li Mai Thao Rape Victim Li Thi Van Village Chief's Daughter. Rest of cast listed alphabetically: H. Gordon Boos Soldier with Mohawk Haircut (uncredited) Brad Cassini Soldier (uncredited) Mark Ebenhoch Ebenhoch (uncredited) Robert 'Rock' Galotti.
Platoon Cast Der naive Collegeabbrecher Chris meldet sich freiwillig zum Kriegsdienst in Vietnam. Er bereut seinen Entschluss allerdings bald, denn die Realität des Krieges hat mit seinen idealistischen Vorstellungen wenig gemein. Unter der Leitung. Platoon Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen u.v.m. Kriegsfilm, Drama von Oliver Stone mit Tom Berenger, Keith David - Höllentrip Vietnam: Oliver Stone's brillanter Abstieg in den amerikanischen Alptraum. Platoon - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Cast & Crew. Tom Berenger. Sergeant Barnes. Willem Dafoe. Dollar die Solitaire Patience an Filmen Andere Kritiker zeigten sich dem Film gegenüber deutlich wohlwollender. Sie befinden sich momentan im Ausland oder leben nicht in Deutschland? Edit page. A narrating Taylor speaks of this as "a civil war in the platoon. According to Stone, Cimino attempted to produce The Platoon in O'Neill Reggie Johnson O'Neil survives only by hiding himself under a dead Neue Cheats Für Gta 5.

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Im allgemeinen Chaos rächt er sich an dem sadistischen Sgt.
Platoon Cast Low-ranking enlisted infantry replacements did not arrive in Vietnam Sizzling Hot Online Echtgeld unit assignments, or insignia, but were assigned to line units as required. Anthony Palk. Oliver Stone non delude. Aek Bc soldier is killed, and Taylor is wounded. MIFF Awards. Robert Richardson. She previously worked Skl-Gloeckle the Britannica Book of the Year and was a member In a few armies, Apk Installieren Android as the French Armya platoon is specifically a cavalry unit, and the infantry use "section" as the equivalent unit. Wallace Terrya black journalist who spent a two-year tour in Vietnam Sz Online Dynamo wrote a Time cover story in called The Negro in Vietnamwhich concerned the experiences of African American troops during the war, publicly criticised the film in an interview with Maria Wilhelm of People magazine, calling Kostenlose Koch Spiele depiction of black troops "a slap in the face". Bernardo Manalili. Kitman Ho
Platoon Cast

E il nemico era dentro di noi". Stone immerge la macchina da presa dentro il plotone, fa sentire la guerra dall'interno, guarda raramente l'insieme, piuttosto come ci si sente a stare nel fango, nel buio, tra gli alberi, magari sotto il tiro del nemico o degli stessi compagni d'armi.

Altro punto di forza della pellicola il gruppo di attori carismatici, dal protagonista Charlie Sheen ai due coprotagonisti Tom Berenger e Willem Dafoe, ai giovani Johnny Depp e Forest Whitaker in ruoli secondari.

Platoon ricevette quattro premi Oscar, compresi miglior film e miglior regista. Durante un'azione di guerra Chris, scampato ai vietcong, che hanno decimato il suo plotone, si trova faccia a faccia con Barnes e lo uccide.

Premio Oscar al film e a Stone. Nel conflitto tra due sergenti, il killer Barnes e il ragionante Elias, padri spirituali e modelli del giovane Chris, volontario in Vietnam, due Americhe sono a confronto.

Chris diventa giustiziere dell'una in nome dell'altra. Stone ha fatto di meglio. Rispetto al secondo dura meno ed non ha le stesse ambizioni [ Film epocale sulla guerra in Vietnam..

Che dire? IL duo Berenger serg. Fin dalle prime battute il film,diretto magistralmente da Oliver Stone,appare come un ritratto spietato di quella che fu realmente,senza stereotipi,la guerra del Vietnam:una carneficina priva di senso.

Vietnam Un giovane soldato viene assegnato ad un battaglione impegnato in diverse operazioni al confine con la Cambogia.

Il film si concentra per l'intera sua durata sulle mosse di [ In questo caso si narra la storia di un giovane volontario che si arruola per combattere in Vietnam.

Davvero un buon film di guerra sul Vietnam, anche se un po' enfatico in alcuni momenti. Oliver Stone non delude. Il film uno dei suoi miracoli.

Ambientato durante il periodo della guerra nel Vietnam, "Platoon" include un elenco di grandi attori che ci coinvolgono nel dolore e nella disperazione del conflitto, con delle performance sensazionali.

Nel film non si percepisce solo la tragedia di una guerra , ma anche una lotta interiore: la mente ancora ingenua di una giovane vita in cui cresce la consapevolezza di non riuscire a sopravvivere fino [ Ottimi i dialoghi.

Se togliamo le frasi o le parole offensive, i cazzi, vaffanculo, bastardi, stronzo e fottuti vari questo diventa un film muto. Film in streaming Amazon Prime Video Netflix.

Film King Forest Whitaker Big Harold Francesco Quinn Rhah Kevin Dillon Bunny John C. O'Neill Reggie Johnson Junior Mark Moses Wolfe Corey Glover Francis Johnny Depp Lerner Chris Pedersen Crawford Bob Orwig Gardner Corkey Ford Manny David Neidorf Tex Tom Berenger Barnes Willem Dafoe Edit Storyline Chris Taylor is a young, naive American who gives up college and volunteers for combat in Vietnam.

Taglines: The first casualty of war is innocence. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The Vietnamese child that Kevin Dillon and Charlie Sheen shoot at had cataracts, but his family was too poor to pay for treatment.

Reportedly, Dillon and Sheen felt so bad about this that they pooled money together so that the boy could have surgery. Goofs Taylor arrives in Vietnam wearing the unit insignia of the 25th Infantry Division.

Manny Corkey Ford. Tubbs Andrew B. Flash Basile Achara. Village chief Bernardo Manalili. Acteur Ivan Kane. Acteur J. Adam Glover.

Rape victim Li Mai Thao. Village chief's daughter Li Thi Van. Terrified soldier Mathew Westfall. There was either one empty seat in each BTR or two empty seats in each BMP to accommodate the platoon leader and assistant platoon leader.

Tank platoons prior to the late s consisted of a platoon headquarters squad and three tank squads, each consisting of one T , T or T tank for 12 personnel and 4 tanks total; platoons that used the older T , T or Ts added another crewmember for a total of However, tank units operating in Eastern Europe began to standardize their platoons to just two tank squads, for a total of 3 tanks and 9 personnel.

In the Singapore Army , a platoon is a Lieutenant 's billet. However, in practice, a Second Lieutenant is usually appointed and then eventually promoted.

A typical infantry platoon consists of three seven-man sections of riflemen and a machine gun team, both commanded by Third Sergeants , a platoon sergeant and a platoon medic for a total of 27 soldiers.

In the South African army, a platoon usually consists of 27 soldiers and one officer organized into three sections 10 soldiers each plus an HQ which contains 8 men.

A lieutenant as platoon commander and a sergeant as platoon sergeant, accompanied by a signaller and a patmor group of two men.

A section comprises 10 soldiers led by a corporal who's assisted by a lance corporal as second in command. The corporal is in charge of all the soldiers except the LMG group which is led by the lance corporal.

The LMG group is armed with the SS77 while rest of the platoon is armed with R4 assault rifles , with rifle grenades if available.

There's also the MGL within each section. In the Swedish army, a platoon is organized in the following way, according to Markstridsreglemente 4 Pluton Ground combat regulation 4 Platoon :.

In the Royal Thai Army , a platoon is commanded by either a Lieutenant or Second Lieutenant , assisted by a Platoon Sergeant, usually of the rank of sergeant major.

In infantry units, rifle platoons are generally made up of five squads. These are three man rifle squads, one 8-man command squad consisting of platoon commander, sergeant, radio operator, 2 assistants and a 3-man weapons team and one 9-man machinegun squad.

From the s until the late s in what would become the United States, an infantry platoon was a "half company" commanded by a lieutenant, assisted by two sergeants and two corporals increased in to four corporals.

The sergeants, assisted by the corporals, led the two sections half-platoons and the squads the terms were often used interchangeably until of the platoon.

An additional senior sergeant serving as the "platoon sergeant" originally designated as "assistant to platoon commander" from until , and as "platoon leader" until , when officer platoon commanders were re-designated as "platoon leaders" was not authorized until Depending on the time period, the platoon could include from as few as 20 privates with two corporals, two sergeants, and a lieutenant to as many as 44 with four corporals, two sergeants, and a lieutenant with 10 to 22 privates per section.

The corporals, and the sergeant, prior to the increase to two corporals per section, led the two squads of the section.

The squads were primarily a non-tactical sub-unit used mainly for drill marching practice, formations, ceremonies, etc.

Indeed, the sections, as well as the platoons, were primarily administrative sub-units of the company, since tactically the company seldom employed in other than as a massed formation.

The standard procedure, once the company had marched into its position in the line of battle, was for the company to form facing the enemy as two ranks, by platoon, one behind the other.

The commanding officer a captain , and the one to three lieutenants, serving as platoon commanders not designated as platoon "leaders" until and the executive officer again depending on the time period, but not officially authorized until would direct the fighting, leading from the front in the attack and on the flanks in the defense.

The executive officer, when assigned, or usually the junior lieutenant and the first sergeant were normally positioned behind the battle line so as to assist the company commander in overseeing the company and managing the rear company trains, including the wagoner and company supply wagon - under the supervision of the quartermaster sergeant, as well as casualties, enemy prisoners, non-combatants, deserters, etc.

While the officers managed the battle and the staff NCOs first sergeant and quartermaster sergeant superintended logistics, the NCOs sergeants and corporals served as first-line supervisors and leaders by exhibiting a soldierly example for their privates and encouraging them to maintain proper discipline and to fight effectively.

In so doing, the sergeants acted as "file closers", working the line by putting men forward to replace casualties in the front rank, exhorting men to fire, reload, move forward, etc.

The corporals physically led by example much like modern fire team leaders by taking their place in the line with their privates, fighting alongside them, and by demonstrating proper soldierly attributes.

Cavalry platoons had a similar organization to the infantry, but with fewer men; platoons rarely exceeded around 33 men, including the lieutenant, sergeants and corporals.

Field artillery platoons, led by a lieutenant who rode his own horse , with two or three to a battery, normally consisted of two gun sections.

Each gun section was led by a sergeant who also rode his own horse and consisted of two half sections led by a corporal. One half section contained the gun and its implements, its limber including one ammunition chest and four to six horses depending on gun weight and available horses , and several members of the gun crew.

The corporal and one or two privates rode on the horses pulling the limber, while a couple of privates rode on the ammunition chest lid seat. Alex Cabodil.

Jerry O'Hara. Gordon Daniel. Yves De Bono. Richard D. Susan Malerstein. John Kerr. Ricky Francisco.

Ooty Moorehead. Gordon J. Anthony Palk. Dan Perri. Andy Birmingham. John Wilkinson. Mary Nelson-Duerrstein. Dianne E.

Steve Bartlett. Ron Wengler. James Finnerty. James Fitzpatrick. Taffy Haines. David Delina. Venancio Goltiano. Bobby Buensalida.

David Lowe. Frank Fleming. Orlando Nui. Primo Guina. Celebrando Raymundo.


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